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Open Measures is an online tool which gives business decision-makers the ability to easily assess the performance of multiple entities – such as a business divisions, branches, franchises, schools or individuals – relative to their peers over time. It provides a meaningful framework to measure performance in reference to peers and targets. Because expectations constantly change – and what was rated as good performance in the past may not be as impressive today – Open Measures allows for regular and timely repeat assessments.


With Open Measures you can:

  • Assess and track any number of performance measures
  • Rate the performance of an entity using a composite rating
  • Rank the performance of an entity relative to its peers


  • Comprehensively evaluate an entity's results
  • Easily identify strengths and weaknesses using a visual scorecard
  • Quickly and accurately position an entity among its peers



Compare performance against targets and peers for any number of performance measures.


View and monitor trends for performance measures over time.


Highlight an entity’s strengths and weaknesses relative to its peers and against its targets using visual scorecards.


Identify high, mid-level and lower performers and position an entity against its peers using an easy-to-use, powerful and interactive visualisation tool.

Suitable For

Open Measures is suitable for any organisation that has multiple entities. Example of entities may include:

  • Divisions within an organisation;
  • Branches within a business;
  • Franchisees within a franchise system;
  • Schools within a state;
  • People within an organisation.

How Open Measures works:

  1. You identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your organisation. (We can assist if required.)
  2. You collate the KPI results for each period. (We can also help with this stage.)
  3. KPI results are uploaded into Open Measures.
  4. Open Measures aggregates the KPI data and then assesses, rates and ranks entity performance relative to peers and targets.
  5. Open Measures delivers performance insights to stakeholders.


  • You won't need an 'IT Guy' to start using it
  • There's nothing to download or install
  • You can access it anywhere, at any time
  • You can customise it to reflect the measures your organisation uses
  • It's secure and private - and you can control the depth of access granted

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